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What to bring with you to Japan?

If you are planning a trip but don’t know what to bring to Japan, be sure to check out this article. Although the main advice for all travelers is not to overdo things, you should be very careful about the contents of the suitcase. At the same time, you should not be upset in advance if something from everyday objects suddenly stays at home – in Japan you can easily buy any missing trifle.

What to bring with you to Japan: items of prime importance
Valid passport.
Visa. To enter Japan, Russian citizens require a visa. It can be issued independently or by contacting a travel agency. Please note: at least 6 months must remain before the expiry of the passport.
Flights We advise you to have paper copies of return tickets with you, so that, if necessary, present them to Japanese border guards.
Confirmation of reservation at the hotel. The presence of a printout will be useful both to you personally and to the hotel staff. If the address of the establishment in Japanese is indicated on the form, this will help taxi drivers to get you to your destination.
Railway tickets. Traveling around Japan by train is a great idea worthy of travelers. Plan your routes in advance and buy your tickets before departure.
Payment cards, cash. It is important for anyone who is used to cashless payments to know in advance the conditions for using your VISA or MasterCard abroad, that is, in Japan.
Copies of all documents. Take a picture on your mobile phone, send copies of passport pages, insurance and payment card information to your e-mail.
Maps and guides. Do you prefer paper editions? Stock them in Russia. Relevant smartphone or tablet applications can be downloaded locally.
English phrasebook. Japanese is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world, and not everyone can speak it. Fortunately, the Japanese are fluent in English, and for communication and understanding in a hotel or on the street, knowledge of basic words and phrases is enough.

What to bring to Japan from wardrobe items
The choice of clothes is primarily influenced by the dates of the trip. Depending on the season, the country greets guests with either unbearable heat or unpleasant coolness. It is recommended to wear clothes made of breathable fabrics. Cotton is the best choice. Denim items are less suitable, as they are significant in weight, retain moisture, dry for a long time. You will have to walk a lot, so try to dress stylishly, but comfortably.

Light dresses, linen shirts and cotton t-shirts, shorts and skirts are ideal for summer. Tracksuits are not so prestigious, but incredibly comfortable. In winter, a jacket or warm coat, a pair of trousers and thermal underwear will come in handy. But do not try to put everything that hangs in the closet into a suitcase. In Japan, there are many stores with clothes at affordable prices, so it’s wiser to go light and return home with new clothes than to take with you a lot of excess.

With shoes, a similar situation. Make sure that you take on a trip that does not cause discomfort, is warm enough and waterproof, and in addition to everything, it is easily removed. Yes, this nuance must be taken into account without fail, since the Japanese are very kind to traditions. Be sure to take off your shoes at the entrance to the room and preferably without prompting from the side. Choose trekking sneakers or sandals, sandals, soft shoes, boots with comfortable lacing or a fastener.

List of necessary personal items
Shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush.
Sunglasses, hat or panama, especially in spring and summer when the weather is incredibly hot. From sunscreens, choose products with a parameter of 30 SPF and above.
Antiperspirant. To maintain freshness during the trip, use a dry deodorant.
Medications for diarrhea or upset stomach. The chances of poisoning in Japan due to unsanitary conditions are negligible, but unusual food can cause gastrointestinal problems. Be prepared for this.
Flu teas, antipyretic drugs, sore throat lozenges. It is sad if malaise ruins the vacation. Finding a pharmacy nearby in Japan is easy, but when the temperature rises sharply at 3 o’clock in the morning, running around the district looking for the nearest pharmacy kiosk is not a pleasant event.
First aid kit for camping trips. These traditionally include patches from corns, bandages, cotton, antiseptics for cuts.
Do I need electronics when traveling
Undoubtedly, you need to bring along a familiar and convenient gadget. You will need a mobile phone with a charger, as well as an adapter for an outlet. If your smartphone replaces both your phone and camera, take a PowerBank of increased power. In addition, take care of an additional memory card – there will be many reasons for excellent photos! This fact, perhaps, will convince you that taking a good camera with you to Japan is the right decision. To protect the equipment, it makes sense to think about waterproof cases in advance.

This is, perhaps, a list of the main things that are necessary.

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